General Student's Regulations

The student regulations (including the Code of Practice for Student Assessment and the Code of Practice for student discipline) apply to all registered students of Christ College.

These regulations define the basis of the registration agreement between you and us. Students who register for a specific academic award from the college are also governed by our award regulations which deal with registering for an award, completing an award and other matters about awards. The detailed assessment rules for each course appear separately as course rules. Those regulations should not be read in isolation. It is important that you read them in conjunction with the following documents:-
•    Introduction to the Award regulations
•    General award regulations
•    The regulations governing your award
•    Code of Practice For Student Assessment
•    Code of Practice For Student Discipline

If you wish to print the regulations governing your relationship with Christ College, you are advised to print all these documents.

CC 1 Authority of the Academic Board of Studies

CC 1.1. To Make Regulations
The ABS (our authority for academic matters) may make regulations and rules regarding students who are studying or carrying out research, the continuing study of students, the content of the studies, the teaching or supervision of students, and the assessment that is used to decide who qualifies for an award.

CC 1.2.  Publicity for Regulations
Regulations made by the ABS must be published in one of our official publications. The ABS must also say how the regulations should be applied.

CC 1.3 Changes in Regulations
The ABS may alter the regulations and rules referred to in CC 1.1. or in the way in which it applies them. The student regulations may be changed at any time. Changes to course rules will not usually affect courses for which students who are already registered for
that unitary award. In all other cases, the award regulations that apply to you are those that are in force:

•    When you apply for entry to the award :and
•    When you progress through the award: and
•    When you become eligible for and, where necessary, apply to receive the award.

The ABS gives reasonable notice as changes to the regulations and rules, and the date they take effect.

CC 1.4 Fees and Charges
The ABS (our governing body) sets fees and other charges consulting the Academic Board of Studies (see regulation CC 9).

CC 1.5 Penalties for not Paying Fees and Charges
The ABS has the right to cancel course reservations, cancel registration and refuse registration for the further study to anyone who is in debt to us, our agent or accredited. The ABS will not grant you a degree, diploma, course credit, certificate or other award if you are in debt to us. (See regulation CC 9.)

CC 1.6 Continuous assessment (Assignments) and Examinations
The ABS sets the rules governing continuous assessment (Assignments) and examination for any degree, diploma, course credit, certificate or other award of Christ College. These are set out in the code of practice for student assessment and in the detailed course rules.

CC 1.7 What the ABS may do

The ABS may:
a.    Postpone, withdraw or restrict a particular course.
b.    Specify certain combinations of courses that are excluded from an award.
c.    Specify a particular course or combination of courses as a compulsory part of an award : and
d.    Decide whether or not a course can be included in the requirements for an award: and
e.    Cancel your registration if you are found to be breaking regulation CC 8.5.2.

CC 2 College Liability
We are not liable for any failure to perform any of our obligations if the failure (or delay) is due to the actions of someone else or to any cause beyond our reasonable control.

CC 3 Counting credit toward College Awards

CC 3.1
To be eligible for any Christ College award, you must follow the regulations and rules about counting credit towards that award.

CC 3.2
If the regulations and rules for the award you are studying for, allow you can count the credit from Christ College or collaborative scheme courses, or awarded as transferred credit, as many times as you want except where restricted by regulation CC 3.3.

CC 3.3
When Christ College award is made, you must include within the total credit needed for that award a certain minimum amount of credit from Christ College or collaborative scheme courses that has not been counted in any other Christ College award made to you previously. The minimum amount of uncounted credit is set out in the regulations for each award this regulation applies to. However, credit counted in undergraduate- level awards of less than 120 points will be treated as uncounted credit towards any bachelors degree.

CC 4 Language of Instruction, Assessment and Administration
Unless the ABS says otherwise or, English will be the language that is used for and in all tuition, materials, counseling, examinations, assessment and administration in Christ College.

CC5 Discipline
As a registered student of the College, you are bound by the code of practice for student discipline.

CC 6 Age
Unless the ABS says otherwise, you must be 16 or over at the start of the course presentation of which you want to register as the student of the college.

CC 7 Computer Data
You are entitled to a printed version of the date held on your personal computer record. You will have to pay a fee for this service.

CC8 Registration

CC 8.1. The need for registration
You will not be allowed to register, or to continue to study or carry out research, for any award of the College unless you meet the registration requirements below (regulations CC 8.2 to CC 8.8.)

CC 8.2 Registration as a Student

To be registered as a student of the College you must:
a)    Register in the way we ask you to and agree to follow our rules and regulations (which may change from time to time);
b)    Be accepted as a student, be allowed to register for a course, or be allowed to register for the award in the case of a unitary award;
c)    Pay or agree to pay the appropriate fee when you register;
d)    Not be in debt to us, our agent or accredited  and
e)    Live in Zimbabwe or in a country in which we agreed to allow registration (at times and during periods that the ABS agrees to) unless the ABS says otherwise.

CC 8.3 Continuing Registration as a Student
If you are registered on a course, you are a registered student of Christ College during that course. Registration entitles you in each of the next 12 month periods, to reserve places on courses equal to 60 points for which places are available.

CC 8.4 Lapsed Registration as a Student
If you do not register for any course during the two 12- month periods (see regulation CC 8.3.), you will no longer be a student of the College but we will maintain your record of the study. You may re-register, if places are available on your chosen course, by the following rules in force at the time.

CC 8.5 Course Registration

CC 8.5.1 Entitlement
In line with our rights, as set in these regulations, being registered on a course as a student entitles you to the tuition, assessment and material for the relevant course.

CC 8.5.2 Limitation
At any one time, you must not register to study courses that are worth a total of more than 120 points unless your total points score of not more than 150 includes:
•    Up to two related standalone residential school courses : or
•    A course presentation overlap of not longer than one month.
Examination reseats, deferrals and resubmissions count towards the 120 points.

CC 8.6 Award Registration
As well as being registered as a student of the College, you may, if you want to be registered for one or more credit- based awards as long as you meet the registration requirements of the specific award regulations. If there is a time limit for registering for an award, you must keep to this time limit and your award registration might not be held open for the two 12- month periods (see regulation CC 8.3.) if you register for a particular award of Christ College meet the specific award requirements when you register. Even if you have not registered for an award, we may grant it to you if you meet all the requirements. The award regulations are published separately.

CC 8.7 Cancelling Registration
You can cancel your registration with Christ College if you want to end your studies completely.

CC 8.8 Student Progress
If, in three eligible presentations of the study, you do not complete at least one undergraduate course successfully, you will not be allowed to register for another course without special permission.

CC 9 Fees

CC 9.1 Paying Fees
You must pay fees and other charges when we ask you. We will tell you how much you have to pay and how you should pay it.

CC 9.2 Changing Fees
The ABS of the College has the right to change fees deposits and other charges without giving you any notice.

CC Refunding Fees
Unless the ABS says otherwise, we do not refund or cancel course or other fees, or any part of them.

CC 9.4 Students in Debt
If you fail to pay fees, we may cancel a course reservation, registration for that course, and you will no longer be entitled to tuition, course materials or any award.

CC 9.4.2 Continued Provision of College Services
If we continue to provide services to you even though you have failed to pay your fees in time, or if we delay in exercising any of our rights or powers noted below, this does not in any way mean that we are giving up any of our legal rights, including the right to bring an action against you for not paying fees.

CC 9.4.3
Applying Payment
We have the right to apply payments to your oldest outstanding debts.

CC 9.4.4 Awards
Until you have paid the appropriate course fees and all other charges, you will not be awarded a course credit or certificate. We have the right to refuse to register you if you are in debt to us. We will not grant you any awards if you are in debt to us and we will not issue an academic transcript or references.

CC 9.5 Sponsorship
Even if a sponsor agrees to pay any fees on behalf, you may still have to pay all the outstanding balances that you owe us.

CC 10 Courses

CC 10.1 Awarding course credits or certificates

CC 10.1.1
We will award you a course credit or in some cases, a certificate if you achieve specific standard of assessment during the course and (where this applies) the part of the course that has examinable component. An examinable component can be an examination, dissertation, project or other examined work. The ABS may set other conditions for getting a course credit or certificate.

CC 10.1.2 Grades
We may award you a course credit or a certificate with a grade. The ABS sets out the scheme of conditions for deciding which grade is awarded.

CC 10.2 Points of Rating for Course
The ABS l gives each course; the ABS will award the appropriate number of points to you when you have successfully completed a course for which you are registered.

CC 10.3 Level of study
The ABS gives each course a level of study.

CC 10.4 Residential School

The ABS may decide the need to go to a residential school for some courses. If this is the case, you cannot get a course credit or certificate if you have not satisfactorily completed:
•    The residential School; or
•    The alternative learning experience (where available)

CC 10.5 Definition of Failure
We will consider you to have failed the course if you do not fulfill the course requirements, unless you have formally withdrawn from the course. You must do this by giving us notice, which we must receive on or before the date of the examination for that course, or on or before the deadline for the examinable components of that course

CC 10.6 Repeating Courses
If you have been awarded credit for a course, you are not allowed to repeat that course.