Regulations for Graduate Programmes


The Christ College programme offers a wide of focus areas, each of which is supervised by highly competent specialists who have been very carefully selected to provide candidates with the levels of service, excellence, for which we have become known. Candidates can choose either course work and dissertation or course work, exams and mini dissertations which can be from different areas.

However the choice of these major areas of research will depend upon the availability of a faculty member in that area of study. The supervisor must be of the rank of a professor, an associate professor, or a PhD holder who has good record in academic publication.


A major objective of the Masters Programme is to offer a degree strong enough to serve as an entry qualification to doctoral study anywhere in the world as well as within Zimbabwe.

This objective lies behind the 18 months time span and a 410 credit requirement. Secondly the philosophy is to include some broader experience of high level degree of study alongside specialization within a particular field.

The aim of the masters Programme is to encourage a broad and flexible approach and to help prepare candidates to teach courses outside their area of specialization. As many may be required to do in an institution of higher learning, the masters' programme is richer in content and stronger academically.

Duration of the programme

The programme will ordinarily take a period of eighteen months which are six Block Releases. The last six months is reserved for assessment, evaluation, research and writing of the dissertation. The year is divided into four Blocks and candidates should at least cover four courses per Semester.

The academic begins in January and ends in November. The Masters candidate may take up to eighteen months to complete all the requirements of the programme but not to exceed two years.

General Inquiries

General Inquiries and requests for applications should be sent to the post graduate coordinator along with an indication of which major is desired.



•    Master of Business Administration

•    MSc in Peace, Leadership and Conflict Resolution
•    MSc in Counselling

Academic Admission
To qualify for the Masters Degree Programme, applicants must possess the following qualifications:
(a)    A basic degree from a recognized institution or its equivalent
(b)       An overall “B+” average

(c)        Proficiency in English at A’ Level which allow reading, writing and basic

Material to be submitted by applicants
(a)    Curriculum Vitae (CV)
(b)    An essay of 3-5 pages indicating reason for undertaking graduate work at CC is

(c)    Certified transcripts of their former academic record.
(d)    A recommendation letter from work.
(e)    A properly filled out application form reading CC on or before 31st December for the course beginning in February of the following year.
(f)    Medical and health forms provided by CC and filled out by a qualified physician after a thorough physical examination.
(g)    Letter from a sponsor indicating that it will cover studying costs for the desired

The Masters Programme consists of a total of 512 hours. Candidates are required to do all the courses and write a dissertation of 80-100 pages in a chosen area. The three semesters are for the course work and the last semester will be devoted mainly to independent work and research seminars.

1.1.3    Minimum requirements
The minimum requirements for the Masters Degree are
(1)    Passing of all courses as desired in Programme Structure
(2)    Participation in research seminar and
(3)    Completion of the dissertation of 80-100 pages with a pass mark.

1.2    Extension: Candidates must present their dissertation within the twenty-four months period of study. Unless granted an extension by the college Academic Board of Studies.

1.5.1    The Final Grade
In determining the final grade, studies in the major will count for 50%, courses on other disciplines will count for 10% and the dissertation will count for 40%. The final grade will be based upon the following grading systems.



Christ College System


80 - 100



70 - 79



60 - 69



50 - 59



40 – 49


Supplementable range

Below 50



Dissertation Requirements
1.5.2    The subject of the dissertation must be approved by the college Academic Board of Studies and must be relevant to the candidate’s major.
Students are expected to work under the supervision of a designated supervisors by the Academic Board of Studies.

The supervisor and the candidate are to meet at least once every two weeks. The responsibility of contacting the supervisor lies with the student.  The student will write quarterly progressive reports signed by the supervisor.

The length of the dissertation shall be about 80-100 pages. The dissertation must be written in English following CC format and must be accompanied by an abstract of approximately 300 words. The abstract shall be a brief summary of the problem, the methodology, followed in the research, and the main findings.

Other information regarding the form of the dissertation will be available in the office of the Dean of Studies.

The candidate is expected to pass an oral examination on the subject of the dissertation. This examination will be conducted by the examination committee of the faculty chaired by the faculty co-ordinator.