faqFrequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should i study with you?

A. We are a Christ centred college, a christian college. Our programmes of study are world class and we have collaborations with the great univesities. Our lecturers are PhD holders froms well renowned universities. Our students are from different backgrounds. We don't segregate our students thereby promoting multi-culturalism. We prepare you for your career and have strong leadership and ethics.

Q. How long are your programmes?

A. Generally our undergraduate programmes are four years, Masters programmes are 2 years and PhD and D.Phil are three to five years. Variations may occur but this is a general guideline.

Q. Will i get employed after finishing my studies with you?

A. Like we mentioned before, ours are world class programmes recognised internationally. We have collaborations with Christ University, Bangalore, India for the Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). We are an associate college of the Zimbabwe Open University which is a state owned institution.

Q. How much are your programmes?

A. Fees vary per study. bachelors, masters and doctoral programme fees vary. However, we are affordable and among the cheapest in the region. Morever, you get the best learning environment at the cheapest fee.

Q. I'm interested in research, do you have programmes for me?

A. Yes, we have many programmes for you. Christ College aims to be one of the leading research, teaching, open and distance learning colleges in Africa. Our research work has national and international relevance.

Q. Do you assist students in research?

A. Yes, a Supervisor will be provided who will assist you throughout the duration of your research.

For any further question, contact the college

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